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A smarter way to grow your crops

PlantJuice is a powerful biostimulant that helps plants establish quicker, resist stress and sets the foundation for improved yield.

Naturally rich in growth-promoting hormones including auxins and cytokinins, as well as a range of macro and micro nutrients and ulvans that are unique to the green seaweed used to produce PlantJuice.


Our plant biostimulant is different

PlantJuice is different to other biostimulants because it is made from the green seaweed called Ulva.

This type of green seaweed contains high levels of growth promoting hormones and regulators, and because it is rich in nutrients and regulators it grows rapidly and thrives in highly stressful environments.

PlantJuice, produced from this specific green seaweed, enriches crops with the same attributes enabling them to also grow and thrive in stressful conditions.

The harvesting of our green seaweed doesn’t impact the environment or the ecosystem as it is sustainably farmed onshore as part of a circular system where the seaweed has been used to extract excess nutrients from wastewater.

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Application is simple

PlantJuice helps the establishment of roots and shoots. It also helps plants to overcome stresses from factors such as transplanting, heat, drought and cold temperatures.

PlantJuice can be applied by a number of methods including, but not limited to boom spray, soil drench, root dipping, foliar spray and fertigation.


PlantJuice biostimulant advantages


Enriches crops with nutrients and hormones that can help plants grow stronger, faster and produce superior fruit.


Provides a buffer against the stress of excess heat and drought, as well as herbicide and fungicide applications.


Can be applied in a range of processes including fertigation, drip, foliar and trickle applications.


Improves soil ecology, including the ability to retain water and efficiently use nutrients.


“I have worked with liquid fertilisers and seaweed products for some years but have never had the opportunity to recommend and sell such a sustainable, renewable and effective seaweed product as PlantJuice. The powerful linkage to sustainability extends from its cultivation, right through to the cropping field, and using the extracted natural bio stimulants and nutrients for boosted plant health and vigour.”


Luke Hargreaves, Sales Agronomy at LiquaForce Australia


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