Our beautiful green origin

PlantJuice is different from other seaweed or kelp extracts as it comes from a native green seaweed known as Ulva.

Green in colour and impact, Ulva was initially discovered as a biological solution to remove nutrients from wastewater (see fun fact below). We process this fresh green seaweed into a liquid biostimulant utilising these nutrients to provide a product with outstanding and proven plant performance.

Fun Fact:
Ulva acts as an indicator for nutrient rich waters; being strong and adaptable it can tolerate and thrive in a range of environmental conditions.


Turning green into pure gold

Our research team at James Cook University know a thing or two about green seaweed. Over many years they developed a process known as macroalgal bioremediation that uses green seaweed to remove nutrients you don’t want in wastewater – like nitrogen and phosphorous.

To minimise waste and create a closed loop cycle, they discovered a way to use this seaweed and the nutrients it contained after it’s cleaning job was complete.

This research idea resulted in the creation of a highly effective biostimulant, PlantJuice, which has grown from an idea into a commercial success.

Maximising control and minimising impact

PlantJuice is produced in controlled and sustainable conditions using our unique raceway system.

This enables us to closely monitor and control the health and growth of the seaweed, rather than relying on wild harvested or beach cast kelp.

This process allows us to maximise nutrient levels by harvesting at the optimal time in growth, and at the same time, have no environmental impact on marine habitats or the oceans ecology.

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Supply reliability

Farmers and horticulturalists can be confident that PlantJuice provides all the known benefits of a seaweed biostimulant for their crops and soil. 

Plus, our unique production system also means we can produce a consistent product to meet horticultural and agricultural demands.

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