Advantages of PlantJuice

Highly nutritious - Promotes the establishment of roots and shoots and stimulates plant growth.


Protective - Reduces biotic (insects, pathogens) and abiotic stresses (drought, waterlogging, frost, heat, high salinity).


Versatile - Compatible with most agricultural products and applied by a range of processes such as fertigation, drip, foliar and trickle.


Promotes soil health - Improves water retention and promotes a diverse and healthy soil microbioal community.

Advantage Illo

Time-lapse root growth in tomato seedlings using PlantJuice™

Other benefits

  • Plant Juice contains high levels potassium and trace minerals, as well as growth-promoting hormones such as auxins and cytokinins.

  • Naturally boosts plant health so energy can be channelled into growth.

  • Restores balance to the soil microbial community, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

  • Natural seaweed extract that’s good for plants, insects, the environment.

Advantages of green seaweed


  • The green seaweed Ulva grows at a very fast rate and is capable of doubling its mass every week.

  • The harsh environment where Ulva grows means that it has been naturally selected to adapt to changing environmental conditions. It does this thanks to high concentrations of growth promoting hormones and regulators such as auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

  • As a seaweed, Ulva contains a large range of minerals that are often lacking in soils.

  • Ulva contains unique polysaccharides called ulvans, that assist to improve water retention in soils, enhance resistance against pathogens, and act as elicitors for nitrogen absorption and protein synthesis.

  • Because our Ulva is grown and cultivated in a controlled environment, it’s dried and extracted at the precise time to preserve the integrity and potency of nutrients, hormones and sugars.